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Also Known as Negotiation Expertise, LLC
Real Estate Negotiating

Negotiation Training for Real Estate

Negotiation is a life skill.  When we “negotiate” with someone, we are actually trying to influence or persuade them to agree with or do something.  Negotiation training is provided by universities and colleges, as well as by private companies around the world.  Corporate America businesses spend millions of dollars on negotiation training each year to ensure the best results are achieved for their companies.

In real estate, negotiation is the fundamental skill necessary for success because real estate agents negotiate in so many different ways:

– With their Broker
– With other agents
– With clients including home buyers and sellers
– With third parties such as home inspectors, appraisers, title companies, etc.
– And FOR clients, which is the most important!

Learning professional negotiation strategies will provide the following benefits for real estate agents:

1 – Better results and control through higher skill level
2 – More confidence in all negotiation situations, both professional and personal
3 – More persuasion and influence with others, both professional and personal
4 – Better knowledge of how to get more and give less
5 – Better knowledge of how to get important information
6 – Better relationships through trust and collaboration
7 – More pride and professionalism in offering clients superior value
8 – More effective negotiation techniques with all types of negotiators including tough, aggressive negotiators
9 – More repeat business transactions due to higher satisfaction with other party
10 – Fewer or NO deadlocks or lost deals
11 – Better knowledge of how to plan for success
12 – New positive paradigm on negotiation

Real estate professional who have completed our Master Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE) or Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) training report the following:

– 92% of MCNE agents feel the MCNE courses were a wise investment
– 89% of MCNE agents say they have more confidence in their negotiation capabilities
– 86% of MCNE agents believe they have a higher level of professionalism
– 85% of MCNE agents believe the course value was outstanding
– 85% of MCNE agents get better results for their real estate clients
– 82% of MCNE agents are recommending the MCNE courses to other agents
– 81% of MCNE agents get better results for themselves
– 75% of MCNE agents feel the MCNE and/or CNE designation helps separate them from the crowd

The Real Estate Negotiation Institute instructors collectively have hundreds of years of professional negotiation experience inside and outside real estate. RENI training shows how to use professional negotiation tactics, tips, and insights in real estate negotiation situations. These approaches help agents achieve superior results for their clients and themselves.  Join the thousands of agents around the world who are reaching new heights in their real estate career!

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CNE Courses MCNE Courses CSSN Courses

Certified Negotiation Expert
One of the top designation courses in real estate taught nationally by the Real Estate Negotiation Institute. This 2-day course offers professional negotiation and business building training.

Certified Negotiation Expert

Certified Short Sale Negotiator
This new popular 1-day course focuses on the short sale process and the different negotiations necessary to successfully close a short sale in the volatile housing market of today.

Certified Short Sale Negotiator

Master Certified Negotiation Expert
The newest designation will bring your negotiation skills to the highest professional level in real estate with over 5 days of thorough training in all aspects of negotiation.

Master Certified Negotiation Expert
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