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Real Estate Negotiating


Selling a Home can be One of Life’s Toughest Decisions.

The sale of a home can be a very emotional experience. There are multiple parties, conflicting interests, and a myriad of issues that make a simple negotiation complex. In choosing your real estate professional, there is one factor to consider above all others: how well can your real estate professional negotiate on your behalf?

You set the terms and conditions for your agent to achieve. It is then up to your agent to use all of his/her negotiating strategies to persuade the other side to accept your terms. Therefore, you need to be certain that your agent has the skills to effectively persuade and influence the other party.

Since real estate negotiations include many different people and issues, it is always in your best interest to hire an agent specifically trained to handle the complexities associated with this negotiation process. An agent who carries the MCNE or CNE designation has been trained in professional negotiation tactics by the Real Estate Negotiation Institute, the leading negotiation training and coaching company for real estate professionals in the world. A MCNE/CNE professional knows how to use leading edge negotiation strategies and techniques for your benefit. You can be confident that a MCNE/CNE professional will achieve the best results for sellers.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you hire a MCNE/CNE agent:

– More confident, professional approach to your negotiations
– Strategic planning of your negotiations
– Stronger ability to resolve conflicts with all types of negotiators
– Faster sales cycle that means fewer days on the market
– Higher net profit
– Less stress and inconvenience
– Better results and greater satisfaction

MCNE/CNE agents had this to say about negotiation tips learned in our classes:

“The Certified Negotiation Expert course was the most informative and, I feel, most crucial in the real estate industry as our business revolves around being able to attain the best results for our clients.” Vicki Cooper, Broker, CNE

“The seller gave me several compliments on the tactics we used and the confidence they have in me. The CNE class was the BEST and most valuable I have taken in my years in real estate.” Sherry Rosenlund, CNE

“I walked away from the class having the information that I needed to make myself the negotiator that I want to be for my clients.” Mari Harvin, CNE

“This course provides realtors with immediate skills to negotiate effectively for successful real estate transactions!” Benjamin Little, CNE

“This truly is the ‘missing link’ class for the real estate licensee and should be part of the required education to obtain a license.” Judy Elfving, CNE

“I went to present a counter to the seller and listing agent tonight. I used the tools that I learned in the CNE course and it was magic! One hour after I left the house the seller told the agent that he felt I was sincere and would accept our offer. His words, ‘I know slick and that wasn’t slick!’” Debra Gravelle, CNE

”The CNE designation enables me to provide my clients with premier representation.” Emmanuel Fonte, CNE

“Once the public learns what additional skills and knowledge CNE agents have, CNE agents will be the most in-demand realtors in their markets. This is an extremely valuable course with fantastic support materials.” David Hancock, CNE

Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Professional:

When interviewing a potential real estate professional you should ask questions about their negotiation training and approach. Since they will negotiate with your money, it is important to understand how they view the process.

– What professional negotiation training courses have you taken?
– What do you do differently from other negotiators?
– What negotiation planning system do you use?
– What information will you use in our real estate negotiation and how do you get it?
– How will you help me determine my options?
– How will you persuade or influence the other side to accept my terms?
– How will you avoid deadlocks?
– What tactics can you use to help achieve my goals?

A MCNE/CNE professional has been trained in advanced negotiating tactics and approaches. This training enables your agent to better help achieve your goals. Your real estate negotiations will be handled with skill and with a RENI trained agent you will achieve excellent results.

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Certified Negotiation Expert
One of the top designation courses in real estate taught nationally by the Real Estate Negotiation Institute. This 2-day course offers professional negotiation and business building training.

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Certified Short Sale Negotiator
This new popular 1-day course focuses on the short sale process and the different negotiations necessary to successfully close a short sale in the volatile housing market of today.

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Master Certified Negotiation Expert
The newest designation will bring your negotiation skills to the highest professional level in real estate with over 5 days of thorough training in all aspects of negotiation.

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